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Welcome to my view of the world. My images are meant to convey my experience of the world around me - as I see it and the feelings it evokes in me.


The images are art and as such, are meant to be printed, hung up and enjoyed. All my work is for sale and can be printed in the size and in the manner that pleases you. 


Please contact me for more information or just make an entry in my guest book so I know you have spend a little time with my work. Thanks

I am a proud member of the Georgian Bay Photography Club

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Guestbook for Stephen Bridgett
It was a pleasure to meet you, Stephen. Beautiful pics!
Marilyn Jones
It has been too long(non-registered)
Thank you one and all. It has been a while since I looked over my guest book, not thinking it would gain any attention. Winter has been challenging this year but I hope to be able to update my album this month with the coming better weather.
Mike Mason(non-registered)
What a fabulous album Stephen. Usually I can pick out a few photos that are favourites out of the album, but here that becomes a very difficult task. Great work. Please keep it up.
Your pictures are just beautiful . I truly enjoy looking at them .
Doug Galloway(non-registered)
Good eye Stephen