Don Drews(non-registered)
Excellent images! I favour the square format too and like how you've presented your views accordingly.
Susan Bridgett(non-registered)
Just beautiful
Judy Raymond(non-registered)
Inspiring. You make it impossible to choose just one favourite.
Alasdair Gillespie(non-registered)
I enjoyed viewing your photos, Stephen! As well, a very nice presentation as well of your work.
Doug G(non-registered)
Site looks good Stephen
Mary Hardisty(non-registered)
Your photos are gorgeous!
It was a pleasure to meet you, Stephen. Beautiful pics!
Marilyn Jones
It has been too long(non-registered)
Thank you one and all. It has been a while since I looked over my guest book, not thinking it would gain any attention. Winter has been challenging this year but I hope to be able to update my album this month with the coming better weather.
Mike Mason(non-registered)
What a fabulous album Stephen. Usually I can pick out a few photos that are favourites out of the album, but here that becomes a very difficult task. Great work. Please keep it up.
Your pictures are just beautiful . I truly enjoy looking at them .
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